Work Package 5

Work Package 5 Description

WP5: Monitoring and Evaluation

The objective of this WP is monitoring and evaluation of the project overall, and of each WP in terms of effectiveness and sustainability.

More specifically, the overall objective of this WP is to measure the social integration and attitudinal change of short-term target groups (TCN women, local women, business community, labour market stakeholders) and long-term target groups (NGOs, trainers, policy makers, volunteers, general public) in various settings, which is a crucial element of the project.

Measuring changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the above target groups will lead to development of specific ways which could be translated and incorporated into public and national policies and measures aiming at raising awareness of the positive contribution of migrants, improving the image of female migrants across Europe, changing attitudes of host community members and reducing racism, discrimination and xenophobia in the long run for migrant women.

This WP consists of the following activities:

A5.1. External Evaluation of the overall project activities
A.5.2 Capacity building for Labour Market Stakeholders and TCN women – Implementation and Evaluation Reporting
A.5.3. Women’s Circle Programme Implementation and Evaluation Reporting
A.5.4 Dissemination strategy Implementation and reporting