Work Package 4

Work Package 4 Description

Work package 4: Women’s Circles Development

The Integration is a two-way process between TCNs and host communities. This WP aims to break down barriers and stereotypes and increase social interactions and community building by developing a sense of communal identity. The Women’s Circle activities will encourage women, regardless of their nationality, to support each other for the benefit of the community.

The specific objectives for this WP are to:

  1. Promote community cohesion and cultural awareness
  2. Promote acceptance of multicultural communities with people with culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse backgrounds
  3. Facilitate TCN women’s integration in host societies
  4. Promote the contact and interaction with the local citizens
  5. Promote diversity and tackle racism and discrimination through art
  6. Combat gender discrimination by setting up Women’s Circles in the partner countries
  7. Establish long-term relationships with locals.

WP4 will bring closer people from culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse backgrounds through the organization of socio-cultural activities.

This WP consists of the following activities:

A.4.1. Organization of Women’s Circle activities

A.4.2 Organization of an Intercultural Event on International Day of Migrants – 18 December 2022

A.4.3. KnowMyStory Documentaries for Raising Awareness within the Community