Work Package 3

Work Package 3 Description

WP3: Job Shadowing Schemes (JS) development

WP3’s main objective is the development of a Job Shadowing Schemes through which TCN women will have an opportunity to experience a 2-month JS Schemes in different job sectors. The broad areas of the programme relate to the following:

(a) prospects for TCN women with low and high education levels to effectively integrate into the local labour market through work-based training and advice provision,

(b) reinforcement of the link between skills and work experience,

(c) access to professional networks and (d) filling gaps wherever public measures fall short, particularly due to a lack of or insecure public funding.

The possibility of entering into guided paths of training and job placement through the JS Schemes will provide TCN women with limited or none work experience, the opportunity to get out of a deep state of discomfort, supported by mentors and experienced staff of the host organizations.

This WP consists of the following activities:

A.3.1. Selection of organizations and mentors to participate in the Job Shadowing Schemes

A.3.2 Development of Job Shadowing Toolkit and the Job Shadowing Agreement

A.3.3 National Job Shadowing Schemes implementation

A.3.4. Job Shadowing Evaluation and Reporting

A.3.5. Eco-system of the Open Badges (OB) for the validation of employability skills

A.3.6. ENGAGE Portal and assessment tool