Work Package 2

Work Package 2 Description

WP2: Up-Skilling Workshops for TCN women and Labour Market stakeholders (LMS)

The main objective of WP2 is to develop an Educational Pack containing a set of materials, resources, multimedia tools etc. to support the upskilling training for TCN women which will be implemented in the later stages of the project.

The WP2 aims to organise targeted workshops for TCN women and Labour Market Representatives (LMR) with the aim to:

  1. support TCN women’s first steps in the host community’s labour market, through acquisition of employability skills
  2. increase LMSs’ awareness of TCN women’s specific needs and gender issues
  3. introduce Job Shadowing as an efficient integration measure

WP2 mainly focuses on the organization of initial qualitative research and the implementation of Up-skilling Workshops. The broad areas of upskilling will relate to the following: (a) strengthening TCN women’s prospects to socially and professionally integrate into the local labour market, through appropriate training and advice provision, and (b) ensuring the capacity for promoting TCN women’s integration related to the provision of support processes in the business sector, so that the project’s results are sustained after the project’s completion.

This WP consists of the following activities:

A2.1 Qualitative research and National/Comparative Report

A2.2 Understanding migrant women ’s barriers towards integration – Elaboration of Capacity Building Material for Labour Market Stakeholders-LMS

A.2.3 Elaboration of “WELCOME” Educational Pack for Migrant Women

A.2.4 Selection of TCN women and LMS

A.2.5. Translation of material developed for TCN women and LMS and digitalisation in an e-learning format

A.2.6. Organization of UP-SKILLING workshops for TCN women

A.2.7. Organization of Capacity Building Workshops for LMS