Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility

Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (AdamMob), is a professional organization founded in 2012 and located in Amsterdam specialized in training, research in the field of Digital Competence applied in various disciplinary sectors.

Its goal is to offer learning opportunities to students of all ages to help them to acquire skills and create professional profiles that reflect the demands of the current world of work. It represents the meeting point of the most qualified academic and professional resources in the various areas of expertise.

A’DamMob courses allow participants to develop knowledge and train excellent skills, through an approach characterized by dynamism, independence, creativity and attention to people.

The values at the basis of the activities, such as multidisciplinarity, passion, dynamism, energy, interaction, the ability to listen and to do together, allow us to create interdisciplinary courses of higher education and contribute to the future of the territory in an international perspective.

Legal Representative

Mrs. Raquel García Aneiros – 
President & Founder

Contact Person